Why I Am Running for the Board

This is another great question.

The answer is simple: I am running because I think I can help us.

I have been a small business owner my entire life, fighting in tough competitive markets with limited marketing resources. It doesn’t matter how good our product is, if we can’t or don’t market it, we will not be successful. My entire life has been in marketing and sales and once we get a person interested, we move from marketing to selling so that might be helpful too.

I have been on Chamber boards, company boards, and industry boards. I have been in leadership roles on most of them, including president. I have worked with countless committees and volunteers, bringing people together and working towards a common goal.

I am not from here and I am presenting that as a positive. I am not tied to the past because that is not where we are. We are who we are and where we are today because of the past, but more importantly we must look at the future if we want to grow and be successful. While I am sensitive to the past, I am more concerned with how to move forward. Every company and club has good and bad stories. Let’s recognize the good from the past and figure out how to shape that for our future, recognizing the changing demographics, economics, and sociocultural (a big marketing word that means the interaction of society and cultural trends) that are our reality today in the 30 miles surrounding Sapona.

Last, I am not a golfer, as in I don’t currently play golf.  I grew up in a country club, my dad played his entire life and lived on a course until he passed away, and I caddied and played through high school. I have a great set of clubs so maybe I will take it back up (if our new pro is up for the challenge) but the fact I don’t play means my commitment and concern is the neighborhood and the total club. We need every part of our assets (golf, tennis, swimming, clubhouse) bringing in profit–not just revenue, but profit. I believe we need a holistic approach to management and marketing because any weak part of the club will drag down the rest of it. We simply cannot afford that.

There are many qualified people in our area. I’m asking that you vote for me and I will be open to anyone who wants to talk about ideas or give us feedback on our plans.

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