Who is Jeff Bowe?

That’s a great and important question.

I am relatively new to Lexington, buying the former Keeler house on #6 tee in summer 2017. We picked the house because of the beautiful view off the back deck and the two neighboring tree lots. We love the peaceful nature of the setting, while having great neighbors in all directions. I moved here from Salisbury, and Maria is a Georgia native. If you have seen the house or yard, there’s no question one of us is.

I have two children in college, both at Clemson for very different reasons.

I enjoy motorcycles and the weather here is much better for that compared to where I lived before, which was Indianapolis except for 1 year in Boston. Up north, if it was 40 and sunny, I was riding. I have adapted though and no longer ride under 50 degrees. Maybe it’s thinning blood, or age, or both, but the season here is still great.

I enjoy college football (UGA Dawgs thanks to Maria!), shooting sports, and walking our dog who thinks he’s either a little person or a big dog, depending on time of day. If you live on this side of the community, you have probably seen me walking Sam. He doesn’t really like his selection of coats but he has pretty short hair and I want him to stay warm so if it is under 50, he is probably wearing one. It’s been a balance between Clemson and UGA this past football season but we are both good sports about it.

I am a college professor of marketing and strategy and Dean of Distance and Online Education at Catawba College. I jumped the wall to academics relatively late in life, being my third career. My first was in printing which I entered after college and stayed in for about 15 years. I ended up buying the company and then selling it to a small-cap public company. I also bought a professional photo studio and merged them because (not to age myself) digital photography was becoming a part of prepress and it gave us a competitive advantage. After printing, I spent about 10 years as a professional sales trainer, starting a sales training company from scratch in Indianapolis and at one time having six associates in the firm with me. I got the bug to go into higher education and started the path on a doctorate in marketing. I moved to Boston to be close to my children, and had my first full-time teaching job at Eastern Nazarene College. A year later, I moved to the Charlotte area and joined Catawba. I haven’t looked back north since.

Maria is tax director at Smith-Leonard, practicing out of Lexington and High Point with occasional work in Winston-Salem.

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