Our Dog Sam

dog looking at the course small

He’s a big part of our life.

He’s a double rescue, meaning he was rescued and then returned to the shelter. We know he spent 6 months there, waiting on us. He was named Scruffles when I brought him home and it fit because he has naturally long wiry hair. A little grooming gave him a new look, and after his intense separation anxiety wore off (after he ate multiple towels, curtains, carpet, and figured out how to escape his crate), he’s become a great part of the family. He very rarely barks but he does suffer from little dog syndrome so if he gets kind of  antsy around your big dog, it’s all show. He spends most of his time laying in the sun and loves to watch the golfers.

He has a bunch of jackets to wear in the cold, and this one is Maria’s favorite.

sam in the snow small

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