Thoughts for Sapona

We are still collecting information and I am still learning the area and the club so some of these thoughts will change. I also hope to hear lots of ideas for you, our members and possible members. As a starting point, here are some areas of concern or areas of interest or thoughts for profit, depending on your perspective.

We need to maximize memberships, but we need to have a compelling reason for people to join. Club memberships have been on a downward trend for decades so a compelling value proposition is critical. The graduated membership plan is a great idea. We need an integrated plan that provides value to each level and type of member.

The restaurant is a critical component. We need the right partner, with the right pricing, and we need to be operating before summer hits. Every month that passes by is missed cash in our account, and a loss of memberships. People get into patterns, and we need to get back to being a regular part of our members’ patterns, and then generate new patterns. We can be the place that families gather, friends meet, and memories are made, we just need to be open with the right offerings.

Tennis and swimming need to be generating cash. Can we do tennis lessons, tennis clubs or groups, or outings? Do we do mixers with other clubs in the area? Can we lengthen the swimming season so it makes more sense to join? How many swimming lessons can we give in a summer? Is there a local club competition circuit? Could there be? When we looked at joining the pool, we were surprised that the short season here was the same as Indiana where is it much colder. How do we maximize and increase our pool open time so it makes more money for us?

Summer camps–we have golf, tennis, and swimming. How do we package those to generate short term cash and long term members?

Our new neighbors. We may be nervous about 100-200 new houses just outside our neighborhood, but we can complain or we can embrace. Let’s embrace. We need programs and offers and activities to bring a large number of those new homeowners into out club. If we are a part of that new community, we are less likely to be a target for vandalism.

Our clubhouse is an awesome facility. How many meetings and celebration and booked events a month did we have there before? Whatever that number, how do we triple or quadruple it so it is generating cash every month?


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